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About Us


In Loving memory of my Mother Lillian!  MaMa Lil will be greatly missed and always loved!  Aug 5, 1930 - Oct 8, 2021


MaMa Lillian was an original 'Rosie the Riveter' during WWII.  A Poised, Classy, Funny, and loving woman to all her family and friends.  Life will never be the same without her.  A true Lioness of the finest quality!

Mom Redwood 07 007.jpg

Lillian Rose Choppers was established in 2006 out of my desire to create Old style uncomfortable hard riding Harley Choppers and Bobbers with style and class!   The name Lillian comes from my mother who is the Matriarch of our family (pictured above).  Rose was Lillian's mother (my grandmother) who was an old world European Lady of amazing poise!   

Proprietor Steve (me) established a talent for freehand engraving which I refers to as 'Metal Tattooing'.  The metal tattooing has been recognized and used by well known and not so well known Bike builders, Biker TV shows, and my most important customer base of blue collar folks!  

Lillian Rose Choppers offers proprietary manufactured products such as the NEW Brass Knuckle Dusters, Brass points covers, Brass Magneto gear covers, Brass gas caps, Billet aluminum Magneto caps, and the popular Brass Knuckle Trench Warfare Kicker pedals.

Lillian Rose Choppers fabricates and builds one of a kind custom Harley motorcycles.  Nearly all our motorcycles are Panheads or Shovelheads operating by Kick start only, Magneto ignition systems, foot clutch, and hand shifter operation.  No Cheap catalog Chinese crap here.  Only meticulously built riding machines for those willing to take on the challenge of outdated technology!

Lilllian Rose Choppers is a passion.  I dig all types of motorcycles, but old Harley's are the favorite here.  LRC has built custom parts for BSA, Triumph, and old BMW motorcycles as well.  

LRC appreciates the dedication, service, and sacrifice made by our nations combat warriors, Constitutional Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders, and Emergency Service Workers.

According to the IRS, LRC is a Hobby and not a business, so I only work for DONATIONS or BARTER.   The federal government is deeply corrupt and the most notorious criminal organization in the USA.

Welcome to Lillian Rose Choppers Lady's and Gentlemen!   May God make smooth the road you ride!

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